Getting Around

This page provides information on transportation. For information regarding transportation within Taishi-cho (Town) and how to buy tickets please choose your preferred method of transportation below.


How to find a taxi and pay the fare.

1. Find a taxi.

There are four main ways to use a taxi.

Get on a taxi
at a taxi stand.

There are taxi stands near main train stations and taxies are standing by.

Catch a taxi
on streets.

A taxi without a passenger will stop for you if you hold up your hand. You can see if a taxi is vacant or not by an indication light on top of a car or a sign inside the front windshield.

Call a taxi.

Tell the operator your name and where you would like to be picked up.

Book a taxi
in advance.

If you need a taxi at a specific time and date, it is convenient to book one in advance. Tell the operator your name, time and date and where you would like to be picked up.

2. Riding the taxi

2.  Getting on a taxi.

Note the following.

Seats and doors

In Japan passengers sit in the back. (If there are many people, the front passenger seat can be used as well.)
The driver operates the left side door at the back. The driver does not operate the door to the front passenger seat. Open it by yourself when necessary.

Large luggage should be kept in the trunk.

Large luggage such as suitcases should be kept in the trunk.
There will be no extra charges as long as they fit in the trunk.

3. When you are in a taxi…

3.  When you are in a taxi…
Fasten your seat belt.

Fasten your seat belt. It’s mandatory to wear seat belt both in the back seat and the front passenger seat while on board.

Tell the driver your destination

Tell the driver your destination. Names of a building or a sightseeing spot will do. You can also show the driver a map showing the destination.

Making stops on the way

You can stop over on the way to the destination. But be careful as the fare meter keeps on counting according to the length of time even while parking.

4. When you arrive…

4.  At the arrival…
4.  When you arrive…
Taxi Fare

The fare is shown on the fare meter next to the driver’s seat. You can’t negotiate the fare as in the case of other foreign countries.
If you have chosen to go by toll road such as express way, it won’t be included in the fare shown in the meter but will be charged separately.

Pay the fare

You can pay by cash or by card
Some types of cards may not be accepted. Check the stickers on the taxi window to make sure your card will work.

Keep the receipt

Keep the receipt for in case you forget something in the car and need to make a call or just to avoid any kind of trouble.

4.  At the arrival…
Don’t forget anything

Cell phones, keys, umbrellas and wallets are often left behind.
Please take another look around before getting out of the taxi. It is a good idea to take a taxi card from inside the cab so that you can contact the taxi company if you forget something.