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Kaminotaishikankomikan Mandarin Orchards

Just a 20 minute walk from Kaminotaishi station, this mandarin orchard envelops the hills alongside the Kintetsu Minami Osaka train line. Being the largest mandarin orchard in the Kansai region, many tourists visit each year. With a splendid view of the surrounding area, this south-facing slope contains over 10,000 mandarin trees. Enjoy a full day of fun picking mandarins, tackling obstacle courses, and eating bentos, all while taking in the extraordinary view of the mandarin orchards.


Mandarin picking, digging for potatoes (separate charge), obstacle course (free), maze (free)

Park Facilities

Rest house, restrooms, summit food stalls (yakisoba, oden, pork miso soup, potatoes on a stick, and more), bar-b-que corner (prior inquiry and reservations required)


October 1st ~ November 30th

Business Hours

9:00 ~ 16:30

Park entrance fee (tax included)

Adult (junior high school students and up) - 1,000 yen
Children (elementary school students) - 900 yen
Infant (three years and up) - 700 yen
*Discounts available for groups of 25 or more.
For more information, please inquire via the contact information below.


<Via train>
Take the Kintetsu Minami Osaka Line from “Abenobashi” to “Kaminotasishi” (approximately 30 minutes) and walk 20 minutes to the orchards.
*A bus is also available from the station (free)

<Via car or tourist bus> *Parking available
In front of the Minamihanna road interchange
From Osaka - 30 minutes from the Fujidera interchange
From Kashihara (Meihan National Highway) - 15 minutes
From Sekai, via the Sotokanjo-sen - 15 minutes from Asashigaoka
From Nara: Please cross the Takenouchi mountain pass or Anamushi mountain pass.


Kasuganishi 443, Minamikawachi District, Taishi-cho, Osaka


Tel: 0721-98-2552 (toll)
Fax: 0721-98-2550
Cell: 090-5091-1899


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