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Yomei-tenno-ryo - Tomb of Emperor Yomei

The 31st emperor to take the throne was Emperor Yomei, in 585 AD.
As the son of Emperor Kimmei and Sogano-Kitashi-Hime, Emperor Yomei was the brother of Emperor Bidatsu and Empress Suiko.
He would later become the father of Prince Shoutoku Taishi and Umayato-no-Miko.
According to the Nihon Shoki (Chronicles of Japan), Emperor Yomei only reigned for two years due to a disease that took his life. He was buried in the Iwarenoikenoue-Misasagi tomb but was later relocated to the Kouchinosinaga-Misasagi tomb (Kasugamukaiyama-Kofun (ancient burial mounds)). This tomb spans 65 meters (213ft) east to west, 60 meters (197ft) north to south, and is 10 meters (33ft) high. The tomb is constructed in three tiers and is surrounded by a seven-meter (23ft) wide dry moat.


Kasuganishi, Minamikawachi District, Taishi-cho, Osaka