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Suiko-tenno-ryo - Tomb of Empress Suiko

Empress Suiko, the 33rd imperial ruler of Japan, was the first empress in Japanese history. She appointed Prince Shotoku-Taishi as her main advisor to China during the Sui dynasty. Through her connections with China, she amassed a wealth of knowledge of advanced political systems, culture, and fine art. Under Empress Suiko, the government was reformed and the Asuka culture, which played a leading role in Buddhist practices, blossomed.
In 593 AD, Empress Suiko was enthroned as Japan’s oldest empress.
After her death, according to her will, she requested that she be buried with her late son, Takeda-no-miko (Prince Takeda).
Empress Suiko’s tomb is thought to be a two-tunneled stone burial chamber located within a long three-tiered burial mound that spans east to west.
Similarly, there are two known kofun (burial mounds) that house two stone burial chambers in Taishi-cho (Town); the Hamurozuka Kofun, spanning nearly 500 meters west, and the Futagozuka Kofun, spanning 200 meters southeast.


Yamada, Minamikawachi District,Taishi-cho, Osaka