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Kotoku-tenno-ryo - Tomb of Emperor Kotoku

The 36th emperor to take the throne was Emperor Kotoku, in 645 AD.
Along with Prince Naka no Ōe, Emperor Kotoku opposed the oppressive Soga Clan and took part in the Isshi Incident (Isshi no Hen). After the revolt, he pushed for the reformation of Taika-era politics.
After a 10-year reign, Emperor Kotoku died in Naniwanomiya and was laid to rest that year in the Osaka-no-Shinaga imperial mausoleum where his name is inscribed in the Nihon Shoki (Chronicles of Japan). The imperial tomb, known as “Uguisuno-Ryo” (tomb of the Japanese nightingale) and referred to in Makura-no-Soshi’s (The Pillow Book) as “Uguisuno-Misagi,” is believed to be this tomb. Smaller than other burial mounds, Emperor Kotoku’s tumulus is round and 32 meters (104ft) in diameter.


Yamada, Minamikawachi District,Taishi-cho, Osaka