Tourist Attractions

Eifuku-ji Temple

This temple was built by Empress Suiko to safeguard the tomb of Prince Shotoku-Taishi. During the Warring States period (approx. 1467-1568 AD), the temple was burned down by Oda Nobunaga. However, through the efforts of Toyotomi Hideyori in the Edo period, a plan was set forth to gradually rebuild the temple and revive its holy spirit. Many people flock to the temple on April 11th and 12th for the Daijyoueshiki (Mahayana Buddhism memorial service) event known as the “Taishi Pilgrimage.”


Taishi 2146, Minamikawachi District, Taishi-cho, Osaka


Tel: 0721-98-0019

Treasure Viewing

Open 9:00~17:00 (entrance closes at 16:30)
Fees Adult: 200 yen, Elementary school children: 100 yen
The facility is closed on Mondays (excluding days with festivals scheduled). The facility is also closed during the winter (from the first Monday of December to the end of February).


Please contact us in advance if you require bus parking.
Minibus: 2000 yen (full day)
Large bus: 3000 yen (full day)