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Taishi-cho (Town) Established Takenouchi-Kaido Historical Museum

Alongside efforts to develop the Takenouchi Kaido (road) and the surrounding area, construction of this museum began in 1989. The museum was opened on March 3rd, 1993. With exhibitions that immediately bring to light the relationship with Taishi-cho (Town) and the Takenouchi-Kaido (known as Japan’s oldest highway), visitors of the museum have the opportunity to be transported back in time. Take full advantage of the facilities to learn all about the history of Takenouchi-Kaido and Taishi-cho (Town).
In the first exhibition room, in addition to materials related to the highway, you can enjoy commentary on the Takenouchi-Kaido from a variety of angles with “magic vision (3D holographic projection)” and VTR. Learn about the history of Taishi-cho (Town) from excavated relics and ancient documents on display in the second exhibition room. In addition, from mid September to the beginning of December a “project exhibition” will be on display in the second exhibition room.


9:30 ~ 17:00 (entrance closes at 16:30)

Admission fee

General admission: 200 yen per person, 160 yen for groups of 20 or more
High school / university students: 100 yen per person, 80 yen for groups of 20 or more
Elementary / junior high school students: 50 yen per person, 40 yen for groups of 20 or more

Regular Holiday

Every Monday (if either day falls on a national holiday, the museum will be closed the following day) and December 26th ~ January 7th. Apart from the days listed above, the museum may be closed due to inspections or exhibition alterations.


Yamada 1855, Minamikawachi District,Taishi-cho, Osaka


Tel: 0721-98-3266