Tourist Attractions

The Prefectural Chikatsu Asuka Museum

With the theme, “Exploring the formation of ancient Japan and cultural exchange,” this museum concerns itself with kofun (ancient burial mounds). The “Chikatsu Asuka Fudoki-No-Oka (ancient geographical and cultural records)” are displayed in their entirety. The exhibit displays ancient artifacts as they would be found in a kofun (planning by Mr. Tadao Ando).
The exhibition is divided into three zones: Chikatsu Asuka and Cultural Exchange, Origins of Ancient Japan, and Modern Science and Cultural Heritage. In the “Chikatsu Asuka and Cultural Exchange zone”, you will find a great number of swords, daggers, metal fixtures, earrings, and rings excavated from the Ichisuka kofuns. In the “Origins of Ancient Japan zone,” explore recreated, full-sized pit-dwellings while you learn about the contents of kofuns and how they were constructed. A model of the reproduced “Nintoku-tenno-ryo Kofun (Tomb of Emperor Nintoku),” displays the tomb at the time of its construction. Lastly, the “Modern Science and Cultural Heritage zone” displays shura (scenes of carnage) and Teko-bo (levers) excavated from Furuichi Kofungun’s Mitsuzuka kofun in 1978. Learn about all kinds of archaeological practices used in the discovery and excavation of cultural heritage sites. Some techniques include methods of investigating underwater sites, underground radar systems, and x-rays. Furthermore, curators regularly offer guided tours of the surrounding cultural assets in an effort to strengthen the link between cultural heritage found outdoors and the exhibits within the museum. All kinds of courses, lectures, and events are also available.


10:00 ~ 17:00 (entrance closes at 16:30)

Admission Fee

Adult: 300 yen, high school/university student / senior (65 and older): 200 yen, Free for junior high school students and younger

Regular Holidays

Monday (the following day if Monday lands on a national holiday), New Years


Higashiyama 299, Kanan, Minamikawachi District, Osaka


Tel: 0721-93-8321