Tourist Attractions

Taishi Onsen

Officially recognized as a natural occurring hot spring by the Osaka Public Health and Research Institute, the Taishi Onsen lies at the foot of Mt. Nijou-zan. With rock-lined and open air baths, the onsen is a simple, low alkaline hot spring.There is also a restaurant, an area where you can sleep in your car, and a rest area for motorcycles and bicycles called Bike Shrine Osaka.
Available only at restaurants.

Business Hours

10:00 ~ 22:00
The last reception time for bathing is 21:30.

Regular Holiday

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, January 1st and 2nd


Yamada 1131, Minamikawachi District, Taishi-cho, Osaka


Tel: 0721-98-4126


Available (no charge)